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Originally Posted by EDM92 View Post
I ordered an exhaust and they sent me two passenger side mufflers, rather than one passenger side and one driver side. The boxes said Box A and Box B, but they both had the same thing inside. Didn't notice until I was almost done with the install, ended up driving around for more than a week with only one muffler because they refused to overnight me the correct muffler. They said it would cost them too much and they would not take the hit. I don't deal with them anymore.
Yeah, they have terrible service and are liars...plain and simple! First time I ordered a lip and they stated on there site it was pre drilled and it was not and the lip they gave. E was not even carbon fiber on the bottom.....I then get another lip and the holes still not pre-drilled...I called them and complained. They said the webmaster hadn't gotten around to it...I went back to the sire and they had put a disclaimer on here site. I decided to try them again and ordered a pair of CF mirrors...7 days later no tracking number, called them and he gave me a tracking number and said it shipped out when it clearly did not (lie #1). The tracking number was finally updated and said "tracking info received" 2 days after that it was in the sort facility in there same location. Called back and they said postal service tracking was not updated (lie #2). I called back snd talked to a salesman and he stated the pkg just left today and the other employee said it shipped 4 days ago. I was planning on getting a hood, side skirts, trunk lid, lip, front clip....will be going to JGMODS not these lieing bastards!
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