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Originally Posted by J_Roc23
To each his own I guess. I got my muffler deleted and ran another pipe to the passenger side as I wanted quads. I think it sounds amazing. It's not obnoxiously loud or raspy in any way. As long as you leave the resonator and cats in, it'll sound great. It's actually quite deep and has a very nice sound to it.
While in bumper to bumper traffic or somewhat packed street, I switched over to DS mode and leave it in 1st and take it all the way up to 4 or 5K and let go and all you hear is POPOPOPOPOP.
Love that pop/ gurgle. Music to my ears.

PE sounds amazing but comes with a nice price tag. I just used that money for m-tech bumper, quad diffuser, and tips.

Could not be happier with my decision.
I tested out DS mode today while going to the grocery store. The gurgle and popping really shines after a muffler delete. Thanks for reminding me.