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Originally Posted by ROBNYC View Post
I bought the car with the old trunk/lights crashed so I took it to body shop bought new LCI trunk/lights and fixed.
Bodyshop who installed the trunk/light might of screwed it up ?

Friend re-wired the trunk for me and my LCI were lining/lighting up correctly and my reverse light worked for a few days even though it was very *low output* (reverse bulb) and then i noticed the lights not lighting up after a week.

Friend checked my car and said all fuses look fine, but the reverse lights are just not receiving any signal but the other lights are and look ok, he said the reverse bulb is not bad either. I was considering getting LED bulb w/ resistor but he said it makes no difference if the reverse doesn't get the signal from the car.

What can I do ?
If wires allocation is correct and bulbs are fine, then reset FRM / NFRM.
Search the thread how to reset NFRM.