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Crazy Aftermarket GPS idea.

I was looking at MacBlack335i's Magellan RM 1700 setup here
And researched around for it's pros and cons.

And I've learned that:

1) Do not use a wireless backup camera because there is a 2~5 second lag when compared to wired backup camera.
2) Magellan supports RGB signal for audio and video.
3) Magellan software sucks.

So as I was wondering how to overcome these problems, I came to contemplate this solution.

1) Connect the Magellan 1700 to iPod RCA Video Adapter
2) Split the RCA adapter using 3 to 1 AV signal switch.
3) Connect a backup camera to one of the RCA connection on the signal switch.
4) Connect your favorite phone to one of the connector on the signal switch using a RCA connector (It is a iPhone in my case)
5) Utilize the switch to switch back and forth between the backup camera and your phone. And utilize your phone's mirror image on the Magellan 1700 as a GPS/Music/Video player.

Yes, you will not be using the touchscreen function on the magellan but who cares? Your phone is pretty much the ultimate GPS system.

FYI, and yes use the KUDA mount and bracket to make it look like MacBlack335i's setup. And if you have iPhone/iPod BMW OEM connector, connect the USB end of it to the system and you'll be fine.

What do you guys think?
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