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Originally Posted by bboy8282 View Post
just much power are u making after the protune?
Not sure, we are going to set up a dyno day soon.

Originally Posted by Jake@PTF View Post
Nice runs. Its impressive considering Dean's car is a manual and the jb4 car is an auto. I want to see some logs if you get a chance. We probably have a little more to squeeze out of it.
Will do. I was going to today but unfortunately the massive thunderstorm & tornado warning messed those plans up.

Originally Posted by cupertinosteve View Post
Just curious, did both cars have passengers?

Looks like you sorted out the difference from your first thread. What was the change?

All-in-all, fun to watch ... its what is expected, both cars being FBO for WOT, there really shouldn't be much of a difference between tunes.

Keep it safe and the right side up.
Thanks cupertino, the first run I was running just a base map and didn't shift that fast. The protune wasn't complete. Also, I shifted "super fast" this time to give me a chance to keep up with the 6AT. I didn't have a passenger but Stucks had his GF recording but she only weighs like 95lbs.

It's not a single turbo or anything, but I'm definitely enjoying the car now that the custom tune is 98% done.