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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post

No worries mate. Credit is due where it is due.

We connected central directly to MS-8 and kept logic 7. As you mentioned earlier, MS-8 and amp was set up in the way you mentioned and gains adjusted afterwards.

L7 central mid already goes to its peak on max volume, so it did not require any alteration.
Im glad you level matched alright.

The reason amping the centre is good is that its the workhorse of the whole system. But if the MS-8 provides enough power (30W MAX at 2 ohm, so maybe around 20-25 RMS) then thats fine. Im not sure about L7 speakers but i think they might benefit from more power. But as they are quite a bit more efficient than the Morels the gains might be lowered anyway for level matching.

Rudz - a temptation for you sometime in the future: Upgrade your central speaker to a Morel coaxial, like the Integra Ovation. The benefit of this will be significantly improved quality and a more equal efficiency rating (88db and 89db). Then amp it.