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Originally Posted by wafflesmartano View Post
I'm just getting started with coding, and what I'd really like to do most is change the way my DRL appear on my E90 to the way the DRL appear on the E92. In other words I want my AE to function as my DRL opposed to having an entire light illuminate. Do you know if this code is possible?
First off since it seems you're just getting started here, welcome to Bimmerpost.

Second, a few tips:

1) Be judicious about quoting posts. The first post of this thread that you quoted is VERY long and isn't necessary to understand the context of your post; it just makes your post waaaay longer than it needs to be. If you ever actually NEED to quote a long post, consider editing the quote area to retain only what you need.

2) Before asking a question about what coding is possible, check out the coding spreadsheet that's linked in that very first post. A quick check through that list will show you that it IS in fact possible to code angel eyes to be DRLs on newer cars, which includes MY2007, I believe.

Sorry if I'm coming off all "parental" here, but just trying to help you get started here and avoid a bunch of and responses.
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