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Originally Posted by CPWINCH View Post
in all honestly 100 lbs makes a little bit of a difference. I would like to see both no passenger. the pro tune would still win tho
I'm 190lbs. Stucks and his GF are maybe 270lbs combined. My 19" wheels are also heavier than his 18" LTW5 Wheels.

Originally Posted by brusk View Post
I'm curious to what happen in the 60-130 vid at about 5200 RPM's it seems to have a stutter or something there.
It's nothing that I'm worried about. I've never noticed it until watching this video. The car has a very smooth powerband. Not many people take videos of their speedometer going full throttle to ever notice something like this.

Originally Posted by TLO03 View Post
yeaaah no, bolt ons have never been measured in "only needed if im pushing xxx hp" exhaust used to be the first bolt on. again not trying to get off topic or start crap . but an exhaust is a bolt on available to n54 cars. my thought was when you install all available bolt on's your car is Fbo.

we can agree to disagree, maybe i'm mistaken, please proceed with thread..

great vid good runs.
If you want to spend $1200 + on an exhaust for an extra 5-10whp, then more power to you.