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Originally Posted by AU335i View Post
mehh... nice runs but honestly from all the talking that was done in the other thread... mainly this:

not impressed.... to pay for a protune only to beat the same car by half a car-length that is running a lower mix of e85? lol but just my opinion... i'm sure your car is still alot more fun though!
It sure is a lot of fun and has a lot of torque. But as themyst said, 6AT > 6MT from a roll. If it was a 6AT vs 6AT race, who knows how much bigger the gap would be.

Originally Posted by jazze90 View Post
PTF charges like 299 for it 199 for an etune. I really think that's a huge bargain considering how much time they spend to perfect and squeeze the most out of your car. Look at people paying 1500-2000 for an exhaust or 6-900 for dowpipes or intakes and its just bolt up and go. On top of it all these guys won't leave you hanging ever at least in my case a definite both thumbs up and highly recommended. Without the pro tune this car loses but now it wins the race which is worth it to me
I agree. I have the benefit of living 10 minutes away from Jake@PTF so it would be ludicrous not to get protuned.

Originally Posted by blisstik View Post
Was that the E50 map?
It's a custom map for 40% E85.

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