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Originally Posted by r3dbimmer89 View Post
Yeah I definitely see them everyday now... but I am surprised that they aren't selling better than what they are.
The options and packaging constraints have turned a lot of people off because the car is now much more expensive to get the things you want. The idea of not being able to get a wood dash, sport seats and suspension isn't even an option and very anti-BMW if you think about it.

Now you have to get basically a fully loaded car to get some of the few options that you want rather than a la carte which is a huge price difference.

If I was buying I wouldn't buy the Nav, although I want it because I refuse to pay the additional money for the HUD that I can't use (polarized glasses) I'd rather put that money towards heats seats or Xenons. The Super size mentality died at McD but BMW now sees fit to use it even though value is not saving money on things you really do not want or need.