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Originally Posted by Kannu View Post
Hello Technic & fellows!

I'm in the process of planning to update my E90 base audio a bit. The car has porf nav and IDrive. I'm not so much worried about the EQ curve as our roads here in Finland are like hell, so that wont matter to me.

I would like to add:

- DLS R4 in the front
- use oem subs / SWS8 if i get them somewhere
- preferably a pnp amp (Blaupunkt THA475?, i don't necessarily need rear speakers)

- or then i could take this set to complitely change the fron end
- amp

- Is it doable? Will the impedances work with each other?
- Or can i get a pnp harness from somewhere and use a 6 channel amp and just draw new lines to the subs? (and can they in this case be the oem ones?)

I'm planning to spend under 1000 (~1200$).

I would choose option B, adding the Gladen coaxials in the rear , and using a JL Audio XD600/6 as the 6-channel amplifier.

The Gladen/AudioSystem tweeter crossover has 4 adjustments so it is possible that you can get away with a decent sound without correcting the OEM HU high level EQ output. That or you can code your OEM iDrive to output HiFi (best solution and it can be done remotely by forum vendor BimmerTech).

The XD600/6 can accept high level signals up to 4VRMS/~6V and can sum the iDrive front and rear outputs to create the woofer channels. That should work if you keep the gains at minimum.

I can provide you with a custom Stereo 4/6 (4-RCA outputs, 6 speaker inputs) harness, amp cabling and the OEM speaker connectors for a 100% PnP install. Please use PM for details.

All this should be less than $1200 if you look for deals.