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Actually i allready PM'd you, once i got the chance.

The only problem in the option B are the pricess, which are totally different here in Finland. The JL Audio amp for example costs 499€ = 640$ and the Gladen set is about 500$. They really aren't usual parts here, so finding good deals / used items is practically impossible.

In comparison, i could get

- the DLS set under 200$
- Blaupunkt under 300$
- and e.g. Audio System AX 08 subs i could get under 300$

So there's quite a price cap allready...

That is why I would just like to use a normal 4way amp, which would drive fronts in 4ohms and subs at 2ohms in paraller. The rears can be played by the HU or not at all, couldn't care less.

If I was to do this in pieces (to save money), could I first change the DLS set into the doors as it has the same impedance as the original 4" mid and continue with the rest of the set later?

Am I doomed or what?