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Following up on my purchase. ECS shipped my order within HOURS of me placing it, so it arrived quickly. Installation took me about 5 minutes; the hardest parts were finding the required star head for my screwdriver and using a small flathead to pop up the clips covering the existing screws for the grip handle without breaking them. After that, it was easy to install and it looks great! On harder cornering I can feel the holder brushing in my hair, but it's definitely not obstructive at all (I'm 5' 9" and have the seat maybe 1" up from its lowest position). I have frameless Maui Jims and they fit just fine as long as I'm careful about positioning. Not sure how much larger you'd be able to go; Top Gun-style flight glasses would be out of the question.

All in all, great product from a fast and responsive vendor, very pleased! This should really be standard equipment though -- I mean, the driver's side "oh sh*t" handle is useless. Can't grab it while driving and can't safely hang things from it either....
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