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Question Wheel spacers - easiest way to improve the look?

In an effort to improve the look slightly, I'm thinking about putting some spacers in the rear to create a look that the rear wheels fill the arches a bit better, as currently in my opinion, they look a touch small.

I'm running on 225/40 R18's. I think the fronts look great, but the rears just look a little tucked away and I'm hoping that spacers will create a fuller and more planted look.

Are spacers the easiest way to create this look without buying brand new wheels?

If so, my questions are:

1. Are wheel spacers as simple as they sound? Is there anything in particular I should know?
2. What is the largest safe amount to put the wheels out by? 20mm is about the most I can find - will 20mm look significantly different?
3. Any types/manufacturers I should avoid?
4. Are there any common side effects of fitting wheels spacers?

Apologies for the bombardment of questions - would appreciate any pointers/thoughts/comments/advice etc. etc.

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