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Originally Posted by jazze90 View Post
PTF charges like 299 for it 199 for an etune. I really think that's a huge bargain considering how much time they spend to perfect and squeeze the most out of your car. Look at people paying 1500-2000 for an exhaust or 6-900 for dowpipes or intakes and its just bolt up and go. On top of it all these guys won't leave you hanging ever at least in my case a definite both thumbs up and highly recommended. Without the pro tune this car loses but now it wins the race which is worth it to me
Exactly... And you get premiere service. My friend just spent $1100 at "unnamed" shop to fine tune his Cobb. Sadly enough, i still believe my JB4 is quicker and seeing what Jake does, he could have gotten him more HP.
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