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Originally Posted by shortie View Post
Great thread mate Credit goes to you

So there takes me back to the thought of adding a glass break sensor which works solely on sound. I wonder, can two,_OH_five work out how to integrate a break glass sensor such as the one below in the same way they have with the shock / proximity sensors.

Finally, and maybe two,_OH_five can comment, i think the location of the proximity sensor is too high mounted there by the interior light, it needs to be in the middle of the car; handbrake location would be ideal.

From experience with previous cars and previous alarms, if set too sensitive or located too near the roof, you will suffer a lot of false alarms when it rains as it picks up the pools of water running off the roof, registering the movement and activating the alarm.

I have had some false triggers but at the moment I have the sensor set up to alert if a mozzie farts within a 10 mile radius of the car. Fine tuning the sensitivity is part of the process as I have no installer track record to give me a place to start.

It remains to be seen whether the correctly set up sensor does suffer false triggering when it rains. Looking at the sky tonight this may get tested soon
If it is a problem then moving the sensor into the centre console is the next logical step - this also allows more sensors to be ganged together in a slightly better controlled way.

As far as other sensors go, it looks to me like the DEI glassbreak sensor will hook into the system in the exact same way.
I have the DEI shock sensor so I can check multiple sensors paralleled up to see if it will all work as expected. I imagine it will without issue. I haven't hooked it up yet as I don't see it being hugely helpful - tea leaves have been using centre punches to break glass since forever instead of twatting things with hammers

If anyone is thinking of hooking multiple DEI (or probably others) sensors it's a good idea to use diodes on each trigger. Check the last connection option in this install guide for the DEI 506T glass break sensor. You can get diodes from Maplin for next to nothing

Another thing I might explore would be using an "active" dummy OBD port so that even if all the other sensors fail plugging in a programmer would automatically sound the alarm. This strikes me as a better idea than dog poo, razor wire and tazers, much as the tazer idea appeals

Another option for aftermarket Tracker style systems for the DIY minded :- Tramigo T22
Never used one, no idea how effective it may be but it's subscription free and would only seem to need a PAYG sim card. It's a permanent install unit so can be buried away from prying eyes but of course it can also be defeated by removing power from the car. Swings and roundabouts

Another useful resource for exploring what is available is DEI Products store. It's a US site but Directed Electronics have a UK office and distributor
Note, I refer to DEI quite a lot. I'm in no way connected to them but since they make all the Clifford and Viper gear I personally prefer their products over eBay specials. For example I'm planning to fit a 513T as a bringer of pain/siren upgrade