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help needed with rattling/crunching noise on e90 330i

hi all, this is my first forum, and completely new to this realm....

i really need some help from someone, i am about to purchase a bmw e90 330i on an 06 plate.... i was all set to buy it but then whilst on the test drive, i noticed a rattling or crunching noise, usually on acceleration... i could not figure out what it was...

ive looked all over the internet to find an answere i cant find one, i also had the guy send it to the garage, he ran it for about half an hour couldnt hear anything, checked the exhust still nothing and he also took it for a drive couldnt hear anything.... the guy said it might be the butterfly valve... other internet sights have sighted a waste gate valve... but i thought that was only on turbos....

but i defo did, and so did the guy i took the test drive with... i also noticed a slight brief throttle hesitation when planting my foot, whilst on the test drive.

can anyone help... or has anyone had the problem and know what it is, and how much it will cost me to fix?

the only thing ive seen on the forum that sounds remotly close to what i experianced is a guy called three_thirty_i... i dont know how to add his post but i read it and there was nothing there....

please help,

many thanks


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