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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
What???? How much do you want to pay for an F30? I realize everyone has a budget they want to adhere to, but I cannot imagine many folks expect to pay less than $40K for an F30; moreover, I think most folks target something around $45K, give or take.

I can guarantee you that you can drive an F30 home with sport seats, xenons, and nav for a bit less than $45K, and that's for a 335 or 328. For example, base 328 + black leather, nav, lighting pack, dynamic handling pack, heated front seats, moonroof, alarm, auto high beams, and HK sound system has an MSRP of $45.9K, which in the worst of times, you can drive off the lot for $44K. Now one can certainly play around with it a bit, and add sport line and remove some of those stand alone options, but still there's no reason one cannot get a reasonably priced ($45K or so), well equipped F30. (E.G., if you want black seats, don't bother with leather? The leatherette is more durable anyway and once the leather smell is gone, people can't tell the difference. I know that because my first BMW had leatherette and everyone thought they were leather.)

Navigation is a stand alone option; you don't have to get HUD with it. Xenons are standard on the 335 and in the lighting package for the 328, which BTW costs the same as xenons did on the E9x. If you want the wood trim, have it; it's free. The only thing that'd make you have to compromise is if you don't want the standard seats and you want the M Sport seats. For that you have to go with the M Line, and would have to give up some of the elements noted above, but even so, you can get 328 with xenons, heated seats and nav at an MSRP below $45k.
They have made some changes (Maybe since MY 2013?) but the only way to get sports seats is in the Sports line or M Sport line and the only way to get a sport suspension is M Sport outside the M Adaptive but if I was not a BMW enthusiast they would have lost me as a customer with how the 2012 models were packaged.

My E90 M3 is fully loaded and in 2008 when I bought it was about the same price as a 335i now loaded... that is a steep inflation curve.