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The best mpg I have gotten through my '11 335d m-sport is ~31mpg. That is Los Angeles to Vegas and back in one tank, 500 round trip on 16 gallons. The OBC at that time read about 28 mpg. I actually brought my car in for two separate recalls and don't remember exactly what they were for but I do know that my mpg on the OBC went down each time. After the first recall my mpg dropped to 24.5 mpg on the OBC although I did not get any actual data. I brought the car in for service and I'm informed there is another recall. I told my service advisor about my horrible mpg but he didn't hear anything about other 335d's having poor gas milage. I get my car back and in like 2 days I already get the service engine soon light. It goes on and off and after a week just stayed off and I have not brought it in to the dealer since. Now I can only get 21 mpg on the OBC. I am going to do a actual milage to tank calculation but I'm just bummed to see the numbers this low on the OBC.