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Originally Posted by CJ421 View Post
EXCELLENT write-up! Detailed Image is great, I'm in the US and able to buy nearly everything I need there.

I could not agree more about it taking forever ... polishing, claying, etc just does not happen in one day. I ended up doing mine over a series of three afternoons and one full day. The effort was so worth it in the end. Your car looks great and while you don't have 'before' pics, the correction looks nearly perfect ... which is as good as you're going to get.

I'm not sure about you, but I would not do this for someone else even if I was paid!
Thanks for the kind words This was my first time and although I had zero experience, I was happy with the results.

Yes the effort definately paid off, that's what i kept telling myself whenever i felt like giving up! It is a shame I didn't take any before pics, would have really shown the improvement.

I know what you mean about not doing it for anyone else, same here! You really need that love for a car to do it properly. I can understand why its expensive to get it done now.

Originally Posted by Otruba_843 View Post
Looks good, but I think you should have either used a more aggressive polish, or worked it in more. You do need to take some #0000 grade steel wool to that tip with some metal polish ASAP!
Maybe I could have worked it in more. It was my first time so I should be forgiven But I always read that its better to start with a light combination and work your way up until you get it perfect. I have removed around 80% of the swirls but for the remainder I will do the more abrasive combination in spring time!

Agree 100% about the tip. I haven't done anything to it since I bought the car and really should try cleaning it up. I was actually thinking about it the other day. Now your eagle eyes have spotted it i'll have to do it pretty soon!