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Originally Posted by CTX335i View Post
Hey everyone, I have searched for an answer but cant find one so in the mean time I wanted to see if anyone has seen this.

I installed Cobb AP Stage 1 Aggressive ST 2 weeks ago in my 08 E92 335 with no issues, car ran fine, let it warm up and stepped on it and it was amazing. Now last night i decided to take the car out for a drive, I warmed it up and started to drive around, I put it on DS and decided to step on it from around 20 miles all of the sudden the car went limp and the SES light came up, the car felt as if it was vibrating when i tried to get close to 3k. I stopped the car turned it off and on, the light went away no problems, stepped on it and it was fine. Took the car out today and got the same result except that now the SES light stayed on. The vibration is gone but the light is on, im planning on removing the AP and taking it to the dealer to make sure its ok, Has anyone seen this before?
Sounds like the normal tune induced misfires, IIRC there's a sticky at the top of the page to help troubleshoot the issue.