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CORSA Drone / Vibration question

I just bought a used CORSA exhaust for my 335 MT from one of the friendly forum members. I purchased CORSA since I heard it's drone free ( at least their website says so). Anyway since there were no clamping parts, I got my stock muffler cut and the CORSA welded at a local muffler shop. After the installation I saw that the mufflers were not installed correctly, I mean the right muffler was sticking about 1/2 - 1 inch out compared to the left. Not really noticeable so I left it at there.

Now what I observed was around when driving 1700 & about 2200 rpm I hear this irritating drone apart from a vibration in the cabin. Can this be because of the difference in lengths of the mufflers. This is the first time I got an after market exhaust so I do not have much experience here.

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