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Originally Posted by LuSt4Boost View Post
You may be losing power somewhere or his motor is a bit on the extra healthy side. With your mods, you should be running very low 12s and should walk away from him.

With that said, JB4 on 18.5 psi is a night and day difference than JB4 on 14.5psi. If you really are neck and neck with him at 14.5psi, and you were to run him at the same amount of boost as you were, he would have easily left you standing still.
Show me a 335i running low 12's on a COBB Stg. 2+ OTS map lol

and there have been other instances where piggy's running lower boost keep up with COBB's running ~18 psi... my car feels just as fast as it did on 15.5 psi.