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Hey guys, I just came across this now nearly a year later. I am the coordinator of DubRun 2011 and in no way was that post on NEMini intended to refer to all BMW guys. At the end of the event "drift" and 1 or 2 other cars were pulled over by the local police up near Hawk's Nest. Since our cruise was such a long stretch I was not there when "drift" decided to do donuts in the middle of the Hawk's Nest dragon tail. Our other event organizers told me afterwards that 2-3 BMWs were driving wrecklessly through lights cutting people off.

TonyMSport please don't take offense to that post, the overall BMW community was great that day and we had a blast with you guys, some beautiful cars out last year.

We would like to invite you all out again to our 2nd Annual Event: