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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
Long time.... Hope all is well. Just had Shiv hook me up with the flex kit so I'm looking forward to getting everything dialed in for the 10th and the 11th... Looking forward to seeing you on the 11th... I already broke the news to my wife... She wasn't too happy, but she'll get over it... So just to fill you in on what's new... I also upgraded to the rev 3, flashed, and ran my meth from the trunk. Now I'm just waiting on Shiv to shoot me the new firmware so I can enjoy the flex kit with meth. Should be a good time! See ya soon...
Good work! I can't wait to get the ProcedeFlash and E85 setup. I rode in a ProcedeFlash car a few weeks ago and was shocked at the pull on just 91 no E85. I need to get my meth tank mounted in the trunk.

I will prob bring 5 gallons of E85 and a few gallons of meth. Last time I brought way to much fuel with me.

It will be good to finally meet you. Are you staying at the NorCal hotel spot? I may just leave super early in the morning on Sunday or I'm debating staying Saturday night down there.

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