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just installed Sonic S1 Coilovers...

Overall... the installation was fairly straightforward, with the exception of the rear. The rear spring perch(s) did NOT seat in the control arm correctly because the perch was too small - maybe the 2011's are different. There is a raised circular area in which the black spring perch rests in and the issue we ran into is that the Sonic spring perch's diameter was not wide enough. This forced us to install the spring perch on TOP so that the blue adjustment rings were on top. For those who have the Sonic S1's or are familiar with them, you'll understand this fairly easily. Knowing what we know now after the install (and many times taking them back out to make adjustments. We ended up taking one of the blue rings out (leaving just one ring in extended all they way out) because otherwise, the rear wouldn't be any lower than running H&R Sport springs (which was what I had prior to installing these). The softness vs. hardness takes a little time getting used to sans mouth guard

Regardless, here are the pics afterward:

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