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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
No sane person would expect a complete turnaround in 12 months or anything, but really, how long can this old line still hold water with the electorate?

I mean really, at some point, you gotta be accountable, step up, and say that righting the ship is now up to me, and I can no longer use the excuse that the previous guy left a really big mess.

What if Obama gets re-elected, and we get 4 more years of gridlock because he still cant get congress to do anything, because he thinks his responsibility to his 2 daughters exceeds his responsibility to over 300 million American people...

So then, in 2016, the personal net worth of the average or median person will still not have recovered to pre-Obama levels, and maybe the unemployment rate wont have recovered to pre-Obama levels either? What will the Democrats say then? Please elect our new candidate (whoever that is), because we're still cleaning up Bush's mess? How long will that go on? Will I still even be alive by the time they stop pulling out that excuse?
I completely understand why Republicans would like to just forget about the Bush years and erase from America's collective memory that the previous Republican administration ever even happened.

But that's kind of difficult to do especially since George W Bush and friends left us with worst financial crisis in history since the great depression - all wrapped up in a bow and handed it to the incoming president like an orphaned infant laid on an unsuspecting person's doorstep.

Let me also remind you once again that this calamity occured just a couple of months before the election. So it's not like this president even had a chance to prepare for what he was about to inherit.

The Subprime mortgage disaster came to a head resulting in the simultaneous default of millions of subprime loans leading to millions of foreclosures and a precipitous drop in the value of homes all across the country. Many Americans were left underwater with homes whose value was less than their mortgages.

The entire banking industry began to collapse under the weight of all the defaulting loans

The stock market crashed hitting record lows and obliterating the retirement savings of millions of Americans almost overnight.

All 3 auto makers already weekend by soft demand and strong competition from foreign auto makers suffered record losses and were teetering on the edge of shutting down

The economy was losing 750 thousand jobs each month. The nation's economy was in complete freefall.

Oh and did I mention the previous president started 2 wars that he didn't finish. And didn't PAY FOR...

Again, all this occurred just before the current president was even sworn into office...

Since then under President Obama the country has added 4.5 million jobs and is currently adding jobs each month. By the way that's more jobs than the previous administration added in 8 years.

The unemployment rate is trending down.

The banking industry is now strong again and experiencing record profits

The housing industry which was impacted the hardest by the financial collapse is at or near the bottom and beginning to rebound all across the country.

The stock market is at an all time high, and Wall Street is having record profits.

And President Obama ended the war in Iraq. He is on target to drow down and end the war in Afghanistan as well.

Bill Clinton said it best about the Republican narative on Obama: "We left him a HUGE MESS, he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back in.

I say SCREW THAT. Let this president finish what he started. IT'S WORKING.

Also regarding that gridlock thing...

Let's not forget that the Republican walrus guru Rush Limbaugh famously said "I hope he fails" about Obama before the guy was even sworn into office.

And let's also not forget Republican curmudgeon descended from a turtle and current Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnel famously said less than 3 months into President Obama's term in office "Republican's top priority will be to make Obama a one term president. Well the Republicans have definitely doubled down on their commitment since then.

In my opinion that one statement from Senator McConnel sums up Republican politics in total over the last 3 1/2 years.

A political pary that makes it's whole agenda about being against someone or something is not deserving of the trust and faith of the American people to lead the country. We're better than that.