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Originally Posted by Kevco View Post
Hey guys, Anyone from this forum went to the E.R. yesterday?? It was f*ckin awesome!!! I'll post some pictures later..
Originally Posted by Pseudo Nim View Post
Considering what the wait times at the ER are these days I hardly find it awesome anymore...
Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
last year i went for the meet in the morning but didnt do the ride... its nice to see some familiar faces at the meet but Pseudonim is right, the ride isnt that fun. there's too much traffic and cops and stupidities... i hope no one got into an accident this year?
Hmmm... either Glen use sarcasm, and Chris didn't pick up on it, or Glen doesn't know what Kevco is speaking about, and Chris didn't get that either.

Either way, Kevco should have been more clear on what E.R. was exactly...