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Justin's brother came down and taught how to build the head. I learned a lot. It was a pretty big pain since we didn't have a good spring compressor. We replaced the valve stem seals, lapped the valves, and put 034 Motorsport valve springs in. These have a 92lb seat pressure. Then we bolted up the manifold fold, turbo, and wastegate to the head and torqued it down. I threw the cams in also. So the motor itself is down for now. I purchased 20.3psi of springs for the wastegate, what a bitch that was to change using my only hands. The firewall required a good beating to allow the turbo to fit. Plenty of clearance now.

A buddy of mine donated an 02J shifter box. The one I has was giving me problems so, and this box is much more crisp so I made the switch. Only issue is the cables are a couple inches too short to allow the cable bracket to attach to the transmission. I did some cutting and moved the box 1inch forward, but still not enough. So we are just going to make a bracket.