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Originally Posted by Zebra99 View Post
Hey guys,

Just an update. I contact that toll free number for Transport Canada (noted earlier above) and the investigator called me back. (Great service here)

He basically stated that although he understands our frustration, the WG rattle/limp mode it causes is actually a 'safety feature' and not considered a safety issue. Thus, it unfortunately doesn't qualify for them to do anything about it.

He did provide me with a contact # 1800-668-6767 for Environment Canada.
-I'm contemplating calling them too, but I'm worried about them sending someone out to see the car and seeing the mods lol... don't need more issues for myself.

I think I'll proceed with the Diagnostic at the dealer first and go from there....

Any thoughts folks?
They can't force you to show them the car even if they do come out and look (which I highly doubt they will do anyways). If they do, just simply say you only trust your mechanic to dig around under the hood and if they have any questions you can have your mechanic give them a call....