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Originally Posted by madmanhiker View Post
Huge difference... the H&R springs (with oem shocks) rode like the oem sport suspension. The Sonic's (so far) are very stiff. Like, mouth guard stiff. I need to find the right dampening adjustment but I'm getting there...

I also noticed that the handling aspect has a new dynamic. The car definitely handles long sweeping on ramps much better. I'm still testing things out, but next week I am installing a complete Hotchkis sway bar kit and m3 subframe bushings... so this is only temporary.

The Sonic S1's are affordable and perform well (I purchased these based on reviews from others (one local to me) who has had them for a while now. They swear by the Sonics, so I jumped on them as well. We'll see...
what dampening setting do you have the front and rear set to? You said its very stiff, but I'd like to know what settings you have it set to.
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