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I finally got the nerve to bring my FBO car in for the bad rattle/ slow spool. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but they just had me rev and pretty much said, yeah, your turbos are bad. They did question my exhaust note, I told them I had merely deleted the secondary cats. That didn't seem to phase them. When I went back with the SA, he got my info, and told me they were going to send it in to BMW for approval.

Question is, if does get "approved", aside from the obvious removal of my chip, do I even need to bother with the DP's and intercooler? I'd hate to go through the time and expense just to be jerked around, as some other members here have been.

Someone who used to work there suggested I might slip them a couple hundred extra for the "inconvenience of dealing with the extra parts." He offered to call them for me post approval since he knows people there still. (hes an independant now)