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Originally Posted by Tonybest View Post
Hmmm... either Glen use sarcasm, and Chris didn't pick up on it, or Glen doesn't know what Kevco is speaking about, and Chris didn't get that either.

Either way, Kevco should have been more clear on what E.R. was exactly...

Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
Yes I do, cos I don't know anything about snap oversteer and reliability of a 15-yr old "air-cooled" (even if low mileage) car
I totally think you should NOT do it. 15-yr old car? Really??? You still have a pretty good car right now (despite the ricey exhaust) - I think at some point the desire for a track-worthy car should yield to reason. When taken to the extreme, for instance, this yields me: I would never get the car Chris got, due to entire lack of creature comforts as he describes - UNLESS you plan on never using it as a DD, in which case ignore the whole paragraph.