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Originally Posted by E46M54325Ci View Post
It will be my daily driver. I don't really carry anything or anyone in the car on a regular basis. People tell me having a coupe is so inconvenient because I can't carry people. To this I say, "that's the point" because I really don't want anyone in my cars. it's actually one of my fears of getting a sedan- that people will want to ride with me and thus make the car dirtier.
Sounds like you've answered your own question. If you don't need the practicality a 3 series offers over a Cayman........... I mean, there is a reason we choose a 3 series over a Honda Accord. If you don't need and don't want to carry people or "stuff," then why even sacrifice any of the fun, get the Cayman, but do it right and get the S so you don't find yourself getting passed by the sedan you passed up

For what it's worth, I once pondered a similar, but even more odd comparison, X5 4.8 to a Cayman S. I had built (and eventually got) a $74K X5 and wondered why I didn't just get a Cayman since I was in that territory. Ultimately decided the tax man may not like me claiming a Porsche as a business expense . But I was young(ish) and single and damn it I should have done it.