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Originally Posted by CALWATERBOY
So there's ol' Waterboy, victim of love....rear tires thrashed t'threads. Word comes down: No More PS2's!! Substitute: Michelin PSS

"Sure" says I - "Looking forward!" Tire Rack delivers a day shy o'the limit. I part with my modified ride, already anticipating the sweet feel of new shoes.

I pick up my ride, feeling the love just moving in the parking lot. Now an on-ramp....highway speed. Gently! New shoes....

Egad! She squiggles....won't hold a line without constant driver correction....feels odd, corners. Could PSS be >somewhat< incompatible with PS2?????

A day passes. Two. Genuinely perturbed, I jack up my ride....rear tires off...and what do I see?

My ride height's changed!

Right side 3/16" higher than left....maybe skosh more! The guy at the tire ship thought he'd improve on Waterboy's home grown, back yard, bumpkin adjust.


Breakin' out my spring wrench, I return my suspension to normalcy....she rides sweet! She meshes precisely! She's back on those rails!

The moral of this tale? Stand up, stand up! Stand up for your rights! Give 3rd parties explicit instructions, with no holds barred. Best done in the spirit of cooperation, show no weakness! Hold friendly, but firm! Do not allow opportunity to undo your hard won gains! Good luck out there....over & out....

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