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So I got my car back after the carbon cleaning(walnut blast) and the problem is fixed. SA is waiting from bmwna to see if they will cover it under cpo.

My problem started with a slight hesitation when I would gas it at 80 mph in 6th gear. I could feel it stumble and then catch up, no SES light. I could run thru 1 and 2 with no problems all the way to redline, in third gear on a long pull, it would stumble multiple times between 2-4k rpm but no light. Not a fall on you face stumble but a momentary drop ( millisecond) in power

A down shift to third with immediate stomp of the accelerator would sometimes throw the dreaded SES light and limp mode.

The tech found the carbon using a boroscope thru the intake. We have three at work that we use for inspection services and the guys at work are always taking it home on the weekends to look at cylinder walls, inside home walls, ducting, basically all kinds of stuff. if you know someone who has one and can borrow it for a weekend, go take a look, the ones we have are $30k apiece and are generally too expensive to buy. I have been in a pinch before and tried using the Black and Decker See Snake. Its not as handy, but the one with the long head might be able to reach, the short one was like $80, I think harbour freight might have cheaper ones now

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