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MS-8 setup plz help

I am about the install the JBL MS-8 but I have a couple of questions regarding the installation.

my current setup:

Hifi HU -> 3sixty.2 -> 2x 4 ch. amp -> Morel HO front and rear(passive) /Center MT22 tweeter(passive)/ STOCK underseat subs All amped

I realized that I'll have to
1)solder the RCA plugs to the HU low level output wires, or
2)Reinstall the OEM hi-fi amp back?

which is the best option?

for option 1, since I need the rear output for the PDC sound,
is it correct that I solder FL+/RL+ together to RCA center, FL-/RL- together to shield for 1 channel and so on?

what if I just take the rear output signals into the ms-8, worse?

As well, for the calibration, is the below setting correct?

-Calibration volume: 35dB (20dB, 35dB or 40dB?)
- skip input setup
- Sub = None
- Front = 2-way, 40Hz subsonic filter at 24dB, 180Hz at 24dB Hi/Lo
- Center = 1-way, 2khz @ 24dB (since I only have a tweeter)
- Sides = None
- Rear = 1-way, 200Hz at 24dB
- Listening volume after calibration -6dB