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Originally Posted by ajsalida View Post
No there was only one V1 part number for all Xi's. It is in the KW online catalog. If you look at other manuf. springs for 328 vs 335 they are usually different pn's, so I think KW just assumes the adjustable ride height feature can compensate for different weights. After all main (traditional) use of coil-overs is to precisely corner weight a car, not so much to make it look slammed though many just want that.

As for the bump stops they are there to prevent expensive metal parts from smashing into each other at high speeds when the suspension bottoms out.
Something just doesnt seem right. I would think you would have threads on the bottom half of the strut so that in case you want the "slammed" look you still have threads left. But in my case I have extra threads on top in case I wanna go off roading.

Btw i raised my car up and put my 16 inch stockers for storage and raised it up 1 inch and 1/4. Still not half way up the threads and i have a 4 1/2 finger gap now..