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If you bought the Technic Harness

If you bought the Technic Harness.
You wouldn't have to solder anything.
Also you should understand that there is no ground its
a differential signal coming out of the Head Unit if its Hi Fi or
a speaker level signal(+and -) if its from the Base System there is no ground.

Don't know why you are running a 3sixty.2 and a ms-8 they are both processors , but I am not that familiar with either one but the ms-8 has daily threads running on it how to interface and tune it. So I guess you are putting the ms-8 in where the 3sixty goes?(to get more channels of processor power)

Wow Vacuum tube car amps. I don't see how the tubes would take
the shock of riding in a car. I wonder if there Inputs are capable of
taking a differential signal.

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