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I had a 2008 '57 plate 2.0 tdi (140) S-Line multitronic for nearly 3 years, it was 5 months old and had 5k on the clock when I got it. At first I loved it (obviously) but then soon realised it was very uncomfortable, the seats are very hard and the option 19" wheels might as well have had solid tyres on as the ride was awful. On the motorway/dual carriageway the ride was ok. On A/B roads it tramlined badly across our patchy tarmac surfaced roads (I tried 3 different brands of tyre and no change) and the hard s-line suspension was just no good, banging and crashing over bumps etc. My 3 on msport suspension and rft's is a dream compared, I assure you.

I would also steer well clear of the multitronic (you haven't mentioned M/T or A/T). Mine went back to the dealers at least 4 times and had a 'software update' that rectified f**k all each time! It often used to rev too high when slowing down on, for example, a sliproad which mean't I had to brake harder to slow the car, it would then drop the revs as the box moved/changed and the braking force would not be required thus resulting in what was almost an emergency stop (I got used to it!) It was also not very good on fuel. At the time I was doing a 60 mile round trip every day for work which was 85-90% motorway (free flowing) and it never really averaged above 35mpg.

Why did I have it for so long? HP! Took me 2 years and 9 months to pay half the loan and I handed it back, 16.5k gone with nothing to show and a hard lesson learnt. I'll never do it again!

Having said that though, the interior was fantastic (excluding the hard seats), the nav was great with the large center screen and the little colour one between the clocks, the stereo was properly good (standard not bose) and was very loud, there was loads of room everywhere and the boot (saloon) would take 4 sets of golf clubs side by side, lengthways (the estate wont!).

In my opinion take a long, long test drive.