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Porsches are pure bred sports car from the ground up. Of course, they feel great compared to a very good "sports sedan". You are not comparing apples and oranges.

If you feel you can live with a 2 seater everyday, by all means buy one. Many smiles per mile.

That said, a Boxster S makes a better choice. The added power is significant.
I would also never buy a Porsche that does not look like its been properly cared for.
Service is expensive and they eat rear tires like gasoline. Boxsters are pretty bullet proof but even basic maintanence is very pricey.

Get a PPI done before buying any Porsche used. Certified is good to have but that does not cover clutches, tires, spark plugs (which are many hours to get to) etc.

This 2006 P car has been perfect BUT (beside $640 each rear tires at 13k mies) but I know my day will come...its the price of automtive lust.

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