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Originally Posted by jwong77 View Post
Yup I can confirm pins 36 and 17 as being the power to the MULF. If you guys read the OP's post, you'll see we didn't bother with the USB hub. Its a straight connect from the USB/AUX socket to the MULF and the MULF was connected to the bluetooth antennae and microphone. I really didn't mess with the bluetooth wiring, I just confirmed that they were all there. Again, this is because my car has SA 640, so I am hoping that the car was correctly wired for bluetooth from the factory. The only wiring I did was the FAKRA cable from the MULF to the USB/AUX socket and pins 4,5, 22,23 from the MULF to the USB/AUX socket.

To install the 4 wires from the USB/AUX socket to the MULF you need to 4 extra plug pins to install those wires into the blue 54-pin plug.

Where did you get the correct pics so that i can crimp them on my extended wires and then push them into the blue plug?