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Originally Posted by e9012345 View Post
I doubt you could just DROP IN an N52.. and if you were to.. there are no "power chips" for it and no aftermarket cams on market.

Regardless, this is quite a silly path to take.... sell your car and either buy a Honda Civic and get AWESOME gas mileage, buy a proper N52 that's bolted to an E90 chassis.. or don't complain.

To be very honest with you.. gas mileage threads are EXTREMELY frowned upon within BMW forums... Want to crib about gas? You're in the wrong car club.
getting aftermarket cams and stuff, for me, isnt an issue, my best friend is a machinist. my biggest gripe was that the motor is gutless and has no excuse to burn so much gas. as for "power chips" do some research, bully dog makes them.