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Got a no front plate ticket about a 15 years ago in my Camaro as well. Of course I got one for speeding too (107 in a 55 ). Got both of them dismissed, the speeding being a little more difficult to do so than the plate. lol I don't think front plates look that bad, maybe I'm just used to them but Texas has come a long way in improving the looks of their basic plate and offering alternatives. Wouldn't mind replacing it with a Texas Tech decorative plate though.
The problem with the new development in front plates is the law is still on the books and will most likely the mistake preventing the enforcement of the law will be corrected next session. In the meantime cops can, and will give you a ticket for it just because they know its a pain in your ass to get it dismissed, even if its a sure thing. If you follow all traffic laws, the chances of getting pulled over for it are low as always but if you don't your just drawing more attention to yourself by giving them another reason to pay attention to you. You also have to keep in mind that cops aren't lawyers and for many of them (by no means not all) their knowledge of the law outside of what they need to do their daily duties is limited. I don't say that to disrespect them by any means, they serve and protect, they don't prosecute and defend.
For those that don't want a front license plate but instead put the front plate on their dash. Do you REALLY think that's an improvement?