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Originally Posted by jtuds View Post
I dont see any comparison between a 328i and a Cayman. One is a 4 door sedan you can drive and do other things with, one is a 2 door 2 seater you can only drive. If this will be your daily driver, I cant see how the Porsche is in any way logical.
Have you ever done it? I'm on my 6th 2-door car (never in my life owned a sedan). I currently own 2 2-seaters and a motorcycle (and a few bicycles). The last car I owned that carried more than 2 people was the E36 M3 I sold back in.... 2004? I just can't say it's ever been a problem.

Seems to me that *far* more people buy cars with seats they never use than ever regret having too few seats. Gee, too bad, I can't be the work lunch taxi every day.. what a loss!

I think if he's considering the P-car, he should go for it.. but yeah, make sure you get a well-maintained model and are aware of what repairs might need to be done.

I've never driven one, but I've mostly heard good things about the Cayman over the 911... that 911 is getting to be a huge car. That said, I still need to own a 993 some day... and a cayman.. though I could never replace my Z3MC with one, and I can't see picking up a 3rd 2-seater