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Well finally installed an amp, The MS8 sounds great in its own but after reading and talking to many of the big dogs of this site they suggested
the next biggest bang for the buck after the MS8 is to amp the underseats + add a sub. I havent added the sub just yet but started with the amp
in preparation for a future sub.

Ive seen many use a 400/4 for the underseats and then bridge the other 2 channels to the sub, From speaking with Taibanl this nets you
a 200watt sub channel and he suggested a JL 500/3. You get the same 2 - 100w RMS channels for your underseats + a 300w subchannel.
It was a no brainer to go with the 500/3.

Stage II
  • JL Audio 500/3 Amp
  • Stinger 6" RCA's / 60amp circuit breaker / 18gauge remote wire
  • Knuconcepts 8 Gauge Power / Ground / 12 Gauge speaker wire / 18 gauge wire for underseats
  • Sat Receiver removal ( see above )
  • BMW Connector + pins for power wire ( see above )

Lets get started, time to rip the trunk all apart... Plastic pry tools helped a ton here.

Cut the wires from the Technic harness to MS8 for the underseat 8's and spliced them into some 18gauge extensions which will mate with the amp.
Hard to see but I also ran my 8gauge ground wire to the stock ground plate on the drivers side wheel arch and a pair of RCA's from the MS8.

Next ran 8 gauge power wire to a 60amp circuit breaker and finally to an OEM connector that plugs into the factory distribution block.

You'll also see I pre-wired some 12 gauge wire for my future subwoofer, no need to rip the trunk up all over again.

Put the trunk all back together and wired up the amp, All wire was covered in techflex sleeving mostly just for a cleaner
appearance ( I try to keep it as clean as possible), You can see the old SAT Tuner stuff zip tied and out of the way.

Thats it the install is all done, When you first open the trunk it looks 100% stock. If you open the trunk floor your greeted with a cleanly installed MS8

and if you remove the trunk cover completely you will see the MS8 + JL 500/3

All thats left is to tune and get the sound perfect, Currently the gain for the midbass channels are set to 1/4 and im still on the old tune.
It sounds amazing as is, the difference in sound is bigger than going to the MS8 from stock.

Soon ill get to installing the R4 front speakers im still working on the adaptors.

For anyone looking to do a similar build ( which is very easy based on the tried and true setups posted in the audio forum )
I have done this full build up to this point even including the DLS R4s I havent installed yet for $1250
thats including every part from BMW etc thats the total! Of course its DIY and done myself.

Overall I couldn't do 1/2 of this stuff without the help from this forum, the sound improvement is amazing!
My favorite part is when your sitting in the drivers seat or looking in the trunk, You cant even tell anything has been changed.
Once you start turning the knob that all changes very fast
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