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Wierd noise at parkingspeeds

Hello everybody!
Im new on this forum, so if this thread is misplaces, mods please move it to its correct subcategory

Im from sweden so this might not be 100% grammar correct
Anyway, I own a E91 325i which i absolutely love. However I have one issue that has been starting to worry me.

At parkingspeeds and pretty much at every redlight or stopsign, when I accelerate just a liiiiittle bit, i hear a wierd clonk sound from the backwagon. It only happens when I are at very very low speeds, like just starting the drive or parking. I dont feel anything in the steeringwheel or gearknob, I just hear it coming from the back somwhere and I have no idea where to start looking for errors or who to ask!

So, I beg you please help me unsterstand my car!