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Originally Posted by Laid Black 335i View Post
I apologize for my previous comment b/c tonight's WOT session proved your point. The OEM clutch with 66k original miles wasn't catching worth a damn. Looks like I will be upgrading to a stronger clutch shortly
Fully_Bolted, what clutch are you using right now?

Nice... looking forward to that run between you & Stucks!
No worries man, i was excited when my clutch started slipping, especially since i was tuning the car myself.

34k on mine, '07 build. Went with HPF stage 1 with oem flywheel.

When it was first installed it chattered like crazy, hard to engage in first and reverse. Broke it in and hit the track. After a few weeks and a trip to the dragstrip it engages nice and smooth. Pedal pressure is about 25% more than stock, not bad at all. IF i short shift, it barks the tires through 4th