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Vibration during low RPM

Hello Everyone.

I have just got a 2005 E90 325i sedan for a few weeks.

Very recently I started to notice that there are weird vibration (can feel from the wheel as well as the chair) when the car is at low RPM from around 1300-1600. It is pretty obvious at low speed especially when I need to keep that RPM uphill....

At first I thought it might be related to my rim and tyres as the front control arms and bushings had been replaced. Later on this has been isolated as I can reproduce the same vibration with my car in idle in N mode by pressing the gas pedal to that RPM range.

Would it be possible to be caused by aged engine mounts?

Also I started feeling it to getting more obvious after changing the oil. My garage used Motul 5w-40 for me. I knew nothing about oil at that moment until recently I come across some posts that BMW engines are quite picky on oil. Not sure if it is related as well.

Any ideas / comments welcome.

Many thanks!