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Talking M5 Touring, a year of ownership.

Some will know that a year ago my old man bought an M5 Tourer, he is no stranger to Tourers having had a brand new E39 530i (actually it was 5 months old with 5k on the clock) in 2001 and he managed to rack up 268k miles. Car was great.

His 2nd Tourer was a brand new 535D in 2005, one of the first M sport variants. But it was stolen a year later, a few cars in between and now he has had his M5 touring since Sept 2011.

It is a low mileage example and is fully loaded. Including extended leather and panoramic roof.

It's Sapphire black (rather than Carbon) and has Ox blood merino leather.

My old man is no boy racer but when I've goaded him a bit when I'm with him he has given it large.

I actually went with him to collect it last Sep and drove it home the 100 miles. I then did drive it quite regularly for the first month not much since, and only twice this year.

I have to say the car looks meaty. I have always loved the look of the tourer more than the saloon. Not sure why?!

The sound is incredible, I read on another forum that one owner said he thought the V10 sounds like its escaped from F1 qualifying... LOL (ok back in the F1's V10 days)

The performance is nothing short of breathtaking. The acceleration is savage, relentless and down right indecent!!

There are videos on YouTube of even the touring version is as quick asthe Nissan GT-R.

That's impressive!! It's one quick car.

It does get a lot of admiring glances everywhere and feels high quality inside.

It certainly does not feel 1950kg which is 100kg heavier than the saloon. Been out in many saloons and does not feel any slower)

The way it's geared makes it very fast also. The SMG Is slated by some but if you know how to use it, it does transform the car into a monster.

100-200mph it is a VERY quick car. Shame we don't have AutoBahn's here to try it.

Here are some pics of when he got it. No recent pics in afraid. Once detailed I'll get some up.

Fuel consumption on average is anywhere from 16-22mpg. Not worth even looking when nailing it.

Amazing car, expensive to run but worth it.

Sorry the review is from me at a third party kind of glance but my old man is not a forum kinda dude!!
997.2 GT3